16/03/20 COVID-19: messaggio di solidarietà della Società Cinese di Radiologia


Care socie, cari soci, 

vi invio il messaggio di solidarietà che ci ha inviato il Presidente della Società Cinese di Radiologia. 
Ora è il nostro turno di vincere questa battaglia.

Il Presidente
Roberto Grassi

Date: lun 16 mar 2020 alle ore 01:39 
Subject: COVID-19

Dear Prof. Grassi,
Dear officers of SIRM,

The COVID-19 crisis has broken worldwide since recent weeks. As the situation in China getting better, we would look back and send out our sincere gratefulness to SIRM, for your great support to China and to our Chinese radiologists. In the meaning time, we deeply recognize the critical situation in Italy now. We deeply understand the challenge you are facing now and we hope that we can help at any point!!

Based on our previous clinical experiences, Chinese radiologists shared their pioneering findings of the disease by different ways (articles, consensus, cases, etc), and hopefully these might help the International radiological community to avoid mistakes and detours. Other than that, if you may ever encounter difficulties that we can help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are all fruits of one tree, leaves of one branch, flowers of one garden. Together, we will stand and fight with this globe public health challenge! 

My best wishes, 

Zhengyu Jin
On behalf of Chinese Society of Radiology