COVID-19: case 8


A cura di  G.Patelli , S. Paganoni , F.Besana, A. Lenzi, F. Codazzi, G.Verderame, L.Selogni,  C.Costa  

UOC Radiologia ASST Bergamo Est Direttore Dr Gianluigi Patelli 

67-year-old patient with fever and cough for 1 week not responding to antibiotics.   

The patient was intubated in the shock room immediately after a chest film for worsening of her respiratory failure.

Chest radiography: unremarkable

6 days after, the patient presented to the ED.

ABG: pO2 61.3%; C-RP 12.17 mg/dl,

Chest radiography:

multiple and diffuse consolidations with interstitial markings.


ground-glass opacities and band atelectasis.

RT-PCR confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection