COVID-19: case 24


Izzo Andrea, D’Aversa Lucia, Cerimoniale Giuseppe, Mazzella Giuseppe, Pergoli Pericle, Faiola Eugenio Leone, Di Pastena Francesca

U.O.C.  Diagnostica per immagini – Ospedale “Dono Svizzero” Formia DEA I livello– Asl Latina

78-year-old female patient with acute respiratory distress transferred to the ICU from another hospital.

pO2 50%, no fever, tachypnea.

Chest radiography:

Diffuse interstitial markings with multiple bilateral alveolar consolidations, especially in the right lung.


Diffuse ground-glass opacities with reticulation in a “crazy-paving” pattern, associated with alveolar consolidations in the dependent regions.

Her clinical conditions worsened; the patient died 6 days after.