COVID-19: case 27


Izzo Andrea, D’Aversa Lucia, Cerimoniale Giuseppe, Mazzella Giuseppe, Pergoli Pericle, Faiola Eugenio Leone, Di Pastena Francesca

U.O.C.  Diagnostica per immagini – Ospedale “Dono Svizzero” Formia DEA I livello– Asl Latina

58-year-old female with dyspnea and fever for one week. Medical history: COPD and DCM and severe hearth failure (EF: 25%), obesity. 

Chest film:

Diffuse interstitial markings with alveolar consolidations in the upper lobes. Cardiomegaly. No pleural effusion.

Since the chest radiography findings were highly suspicious for interstitial pneumonia, the radiologist asked for a nasal swab which confirmed a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The following CT revealed the typical Covid-19 pneumonia features.