COVID-19: case 29


R. Bonacini, G. Besutti, P. Pattacini
Radiologia IRCCS Reggio Emilia; Direttore Pierpaolo Pattacini

68-year-old male with fever, dyspnea and diarrhea for 7 days. Blood test:  leukocytosis, increased C-PR, procalcitonin in the range. Medical history: chronic lymphocytic leukemia under follow-up, dyslipidemia and HTA.

Chest radiography:

Multiple and bilateral band consolidations. No pleural effusion.


Multiple and bilateral scatterd ground-glass opacities with predominant subpleural distribution associated with reticulations and alveolar consolidations.

12h after, the patient went into a respiratory distress requiring the hospitalization in ICU.

The RT-PCR test on nasal swab turned positive.