COVID-19: case 33


Dott. Foà Riccardo Alessandro, Dott. Spinazzola Angelo.

U.O di Radiologia ASST CREMA – Ospedale Maggiore di Crema

55-year-old male patient with onset of cough and fever on February 24, in quarantine due to a known contact with a Covid-19 patient. No previous medical history.  

The patient developed respiratory failure and underwent CT, performed on March 1:

TC 1/3/2020 figura 1
TC 1/3/2020 figura 2

which revealed multiple ground-glass opacities.

Clinical conditions were stables and a CT was performed on March 6:

TC 6/3/2020 figura 1
TC 6/3/2020 figura 2

Some the previous ground-glass opacities are reduced in both density and dimensions (subpleural and paravertebral on LUL), while other increased and new-onset ground-glass opacities are also detected (anterior segment of the LUL, lateral segment of the ML, apical segments of both RLL and LLL).  No pleural effusion no mediastinal adenopathies.