COVID-19: case 34


G.Patelli, F.Besana, S. Paganoni* , F.Codazzi* , A.Tedeschi**

*UOC Radiologia ASST Bergamo Est; **UOC Medicina ASST Bergamo Est

47-year-old male patient with asthenia, arthralgia, headache, sick cough and fever 39°C since March 1 presented to the ED on March 4.  No prior medical history. pO2: 95%.

Chest radiography March 4: unremarkable.

Due to the discrepancy between clinical and radiological findings, a CT is performed.

Ill-defined consolidations suspected for early-stage of interstitial pneumonia.

In consideration of the CT findings, a nasal swab was obtained resulting positive for SARS-CoV-2.

The patient was then hospitalized on March 4 and treated with Ceftriaxone 2gr /day ed Azitromicina 500 mg/day. On March 6, Kaletra 800+100 mg /day e Plaquenil 400 mg/day were introduced with improvement of the clinical conditions since March 9

On March 10 both chest film and CT are performed.

Chest radiography:

Alveolar and interstitial consolidations.


Development of a dense consolidative pattern and interstitial bands, consistent with good evolution of the disease.