COVID-19: case 36


PR Lolli, A Molinari, D Cataldo, M Fasciglione, R Lai, S Russo

Radiodiagnostica generale e senologica del Ponente – Ospedale di Sanremo – Direttore: Dr.ssa Stefania Russo

76-year-old male patient admitted to the ED with acute abdominal pain. Potential risk for contacts with Covid-19 patients.

An abdominal CT was performed showing bowel perforation requiring surgery; moreover, lungs abnormalities were seen in the lower regions of the chest included in the examination. Therefore, the radiologist also acquired a chest CT and activate the procedure for the nasal swab.

The patient died after surgery. Covid-19 pneumonia was confirmed by RT-PCR.


-Bilateral and diffuse ground-glass opacities.
-Free gas within the peritoneal cavity peritoneum consistent with bowel perforation and free fluid within the abdomen.