COVID-19: case 38


Andrea Nardi, Giovanni Carbognin

Radiologia – Ospedale IRCSS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria – Regione Veneto – Negrar (VR)

72-years-old female patient presented to the ED on March 5 with fever, diarrhea and dyspepsia for three days. She had contacts with a person affected with SARS COV 2. Physical examination: T 36.9°C, SpO292%.

Blood tests at the hospitalization in the infectious disease department on March 7: WBC: 4.6; lymphocytes: 0.7U/L; RCP: 141mg/l.

Chest radiography: unremarkable


Bilateral alveolar consolidations in the posterior regions of the inferior lobes. Supleural nodules in the anterior segments of the left upper lobe. Multiple and diffuse ground glass opacities in all lobes. No pleural effusion.