COVID-19: case 41


Federico Paltenghi, Lucia Volpato, Giuseppe Bandi

ASST Pavia, presidi Ospedalieri di Vigevano e Mortara, direttore f/f Elena Belloni

73-year-old male patient presented to the ED with fever for 10 days, not responding to paracetamol.

Chest radiography:

Consolidation with interstitial distribution in the right paracardial area, findings suspicious for pneumonia.

Five days after, the onset of dyspnea occurred and a nasal swab was performed ( which turned positive).


Confluent consolidations and ground-glass opacities with crazy-paving pattern, predominantly in the upper lobes, with a relative sparing of the subpleural regions. Bilateral atelectasis bands. Low amount of bilateral pleural effusion. Findings are consistent with Covid-19 pneumonia.