COVID-19: case 43


Federico Paltenghi, Federica Lucev, Elena Belloni
ASST Pavia, presidio Ospedaliero di Vigevano, direttore ff Elena Belloni

82-years-old female patient, admitted to the ED with dyspnea and fever for 7 days. Medical history: HTA and kidney cancer. Blood test: C-PR 106,93 (< 5); ESR 45 (<15); LDH 314 (< 214).

Chest film (supine) March 5:

Interstitial markings with diffuse opacities in the left lung, particularly in peripheral regions, with probable pleural effusion.

CT March 5:

Ground-glass opacities with reticulations, particularly in the posterior and lateral regions of the LUL; subpleural consolidations in the LLL. Findings are consistent with unilateral interstitial pneumonia.

RT-PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2.

The authors highlights that, unlike the majority of Covid-19 pneumonia, in this case the abnormalities were unilateral.