COVID-19: case 44


Federico Paltenghi, Giuseppe Bandi, Laura Nano, Vellini Silvia
ASST Pavia, presidio Ospedaliero di Vigevano, direttore ff reparto di radiologia Elena Belloni

65-years-old male patient presented to the ED with fever and cough.

Blood test: C-PR 70,99 (< 5) LDH 326 (< 225).

Portable chest film February 28:

Riscontro di lieve ipotrasprenza dell’emitorace sn in torace ipoespanso. Non altri reperti di rilievo.

Opacities in the left lung.

The day after a chest radiography (2p) is performed due to the low SpO2 (84%) and discrepancy between clinical-radiological findings:

Blurred consolidations especially in the left lung with atelectasis at the bases.

Unenhanced CT on February 29:

Diffuse ground-glass attenuation in the dependent regions of the lungs, with consolidations in the subpleural posterior regions. The antero-posterior extension in 6 -9 cm, sparing the apex. Emphysematous bullae in the left lung base. No pleural or pericardial effusion.

A nasopharyngeal swab was performed: positive.