COVID-19: case 51


Resta E.C., Del Buono F., D’Ettorre E., Burdi N., Di Stasi C.

S.S. Radiologia Oncologica Ospedale San Giuseppe Moscati, Taranto

55-year-old female patient affected by obesity and systemic lupus erythematosus in treatment with steroids. Asymptomatic, exposure to Covid-19 patient (husband). Swab negative.

10 days after, the patient presented to the ED for cough, dyspnea and fever.

Blood analysis revealed high C-RP levels, with normal value of the others parameters (included procalcitonin).


Multiple ground-glass opacities in a peribronchial and subpleural distribution located in the upper lobes, associated with alveolar consolidations in the lower lobes.