COVID-19: case 58

P.Nespoli, P. Moretto, D. Sardo, P. Hosseinollahi, A. De Pascale, G. Garofalo, A. Veltri

AOU San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano

Radiodiagnostica, Direttore: Prof. A. Veltri

60-year-old male
patient with dyspnea and fever. Prior medical history: DM type 2, HTA, ex

Chest Radiography,
March 3, 2020:

Diffuse pulmonary
consolidations of the left lung. Blurred consolidations at the right base. 

HRCT, March 4,

Multiple and diffuse “ground-glass” opacities, predominantly in the posterior regions of the lungs, especially in the lower lobes.