COVID-19: case 68


Marta Brandani, Medico Radiologo, Ospedale Santa Maria alla Gruccia (Valdarno, Provincia di Arezzo)

77-years-old male admitted to ED for diarrhea, vomit and epigastralgia for 15 days.

Exposure to Covid-19 patient.

Medical history: HTA, polymyalgia rheumatica, Horton’s arteritis, ex-smoker.

Slight increase of LDH and CPR, lymphopenia.

Chest sonography: unremarkable

Chest radiography

The next morning: fever 39 C°, pO2 96% con O2 3 l/min. In the afternoon: EGA in O2 3l/min (PH 7.49, pO2 80.3, pCO2 31, satO2 95%, HCO3 24). Next check with ventimask 40%: PH 7.47, pO2 109, pCO2 35, satO2 97%, HCO3 25.

Chest sonography: bilateral interstitial disease with consolidations.

RT-PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2.