COVID-19: case 14

UOC Radiologia ASST Bergamo Est Direttore Dr Gianluigi Patelli

50-year-old male outpatient presented for a chest radiography. He reported with sick cough asthenia and fever for two days, with progressive worsening of his clinical conditions.  pO2: 93%.

Chest radiography

After the chest film, the patient underwent CT for a better characterization of his pulmonary abnormalities which were suspicious for Covid-19 interstitial pneumonia.


The patient was then admitted to the ED to activate the procedures for nasopharyngeal swab and hospitalization.

COVID-19: case 23

Izzo Andrea, D’Aversa Lucia, Cerimoniale Giuseppe, Mazzella Giuseppe, Pergoli Pericle, Faiola Eugenio Leone, Di Pastena Francesca

U.O.C.  Diagnostica per immagini – Ospedale “Dono Svizzero” Formia DEA I livello– Asl Latina

27-year-old male patient transferred from another hospital for suspected pneumonia. No prior medical history, no exposure to Covid-19 patients. pO2: 92%.

Chest radiography

Slight interstitial markings with subpleural consolidation in the right upper/medium lobe.

The RT-PCR test on nasopharyngeal swab turned positive.


Multiple ground-glass opacities and alveolar consolidations with predominant subpleural distribution in the upper and lower lobes.

COVID-19: case 46

Alessandro Rosa – Giuliano Gagliardi 


61-years-old male, transferred from another hospital. Onset of symptoms (arthralgia, asthenia) on February 27, 2020. Dyspnea and fever (38.5°) since March 2. Venturi mask with reservoir of 15l e pO2 85%, reaching 98% after positioning Venturi at 60% and 15 l.


consolidations in the lower lobes, especially in the apical segments and in the
posterior segment of the RUL and the apicoposterior segment of the LUL.  Ground-glass opacities predominantly in the
subpleural regions are seen in the spared segments of the upper lobes. No
mediastinal nodes.

RT-PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Bedside chest radiography

Diffuse interstitial marking and band atelectasis.

COVID-19: case 20

G. Valeri, G. Neri, L. Cola°, A Rebonato °°

UOC Radiodiagnostica; ° UOC Anestesia e Rianimazione, Ospedale di Fermo, AV4 ASUR Marche; °° UOC Diagnostica per Immagini, AO Riuniti Marche Nord

75-year-old male
patient with asthenia, sick cough and fever for 3 days. No prior medical

Blood test: C-RP
15, Procalcitonin: 8.9

RT-PCR on a nasopharyngeal swab positive for SARS-CoV-2.


Multiple and predominantly subpleural “ground-glass” opacities with reticulation and consolidations, involving all lobes, especially the upper lobes.

CT 9 days after:

Regression of the pulmonary abnormalities.

COVID-19: case 47

Silvia Lucarini, Chiara Moroni, Antonella Masserelli, Edoardo Cavigli, Lina Bartolini, Alessandra Bindi, Silvia Pradella AOU Careggi, Firenze, Direttore Dr. Vittorio Miele.

61-years-old male
patient admitted to the ED for severe dyspnea, confusion on March 3.  Bedfast after a recent upper respiratory
infection. Medical history: DM type 2, HTA. Non-smoker.

Blood test: WBC
11.2; C-PR 301 (normal values < 5); LDH 738 (normal values 135-225);
Fibrinogen 798 (normal values 200-400); INR 1.4. ABG: PaO2 82; PCO2 32.

A CTA was performed for suspected pulmonary embolism:

Multiple aree di ground-glass estese diffusamente in entrambi i polmoni con inizali aspetti consolidativi nelle regioni basali ove si evidenzia risparmio subpleurico; coesiste moderata riduzione volumetrica di entrambi i polmoni.

Multiple and
diffuse ground-glass opacities involving both lungs, associated with
consolidations at the bases, those sparing the cortex. Lungs volume is also

The patient was promptly intubated and a treatment with Lopinavir-Ritonavir and Cloroquine was also started.

Chest film after intubation (March 3):

Chest film on March 6:

comparing to the previous CRX, an improvement of the pulmonary involvement is seen.

On March 12, a chest radiography was required due an increase of the procalcitonin levels (1.96, normal values <0.5):

A new-onset
consolidation in the left base is noted, finding suspected for bacterial superimposed

Antibiotics are then introduced along with redemsivir.

COVID-19: case 45

Cristina Veirana, Alessandro Gastaldo

UOC Radiologia, Ospedale San Paolo, Savona, Direttore dott. Alessandro Gastaldo

79-years-old patient, with cough and fever since February 29; the patient was hospitalized for pneumonia on March 1. 

Medical history: DM, cardiopathy. Potential risk for SARS-CoV-2 exposure (travel by bus from Venice – high-risk area – on February 16).

Chest Radiography:
slight interstitial marking at the left base.

On March 3, a CT was performed for clinical worsening:

Bilateral interstitial

The patient was intubated and transferred to the infectious disease department.

The patient died on March 4.

COVID-19: case 59

P.Nespoli, P. Moretto, D. Sardo, P. Hosseinollahi, A. De Pascale, G. Garofalo, A. Veltri

AOU San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano, Radiodiagnostica, Direttore: Prof. A. Veltri

30-year-old male
patient with general malaise and fever for 5 days. Cough and dyspnea for two
days. No prior medical history.

Chest Radiography,
March 16, 2020:

Bilateral pulmonary consolidations, predominantly in the right lung.

COVID-19: case 53

Michele Forte

UO di radiologia diagnostica ed interventistica, Ospedale “Madonna delle Grazie”, Matera 

78-year-old patient with fever and cough for 1 week. pO2: 84 %.


Diffuse ground-glass opacities associated with reticulations involving all lobes, predominantly in the upper lobes and in the left lower lobe.

COVID-19: case 54

R. Campa, A. Leonardi, C. Valentini, R. Occhiato

Radiologia AOU Policlinico Umberto I – Sapienza Università di Roma, Dir. Prof. C. Catalano.

Patient presented
for cough and dyspnea for 5 days, not responding to antibiotics. Potential risk
for SARS-CoV-2: he traveled from Florence to Rome by train coming from a “high-risk
area” on February 24.

Medical history: HTA. At physical examination: crackles of the left base.

Chest radiography

Ill-defined consolidations with peripheral distribution, associated with increased interstitial marking. No pleural effusion.


Ground-glass opacities with reticulations in a peripheral distribution. No pleural effusion neither mediastinal or hilar adenopathies. Findings consistent with Covid-19 pneumonia.

COVID-19: case 27

Izzo Andrea, D’Aversa Lucia, Cerimoniale Giuseppe, Mazzella Giuseppe, Pergoli Pericle, Faiola Eugenio Leone, Di Pastena Francesca

U.O.C.  Diagnostica per immagini – Ospedale “Dono Svizzero” Formia DEA I livello– Asl Latina

58-year-old female
with dyspnea and fever for one week. Medical history: COPD and DCM and severe
hearth failure (EF: 25%), obesity. 

Chest film:

interstitial markings with alveolar consolidations in the upper lobes. Cardiomegaly.
No pleural effusion.

Since the chest
radiography findings were highly suspicious for interstitial pneumonia, the
radiologist asked for a nasal swab which confirmed a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The following CT revealed the typical Covid-19 pneumonia features.